About Us

Hello and welcome to Bobana Store, the one stop shop for all your little cool kids' fashion needs. Bobana Store is a multi-brand platform bringing you a range of cool and innovative pieces from a vast selection of independent brands from around the globe. Our aim is to minimise the fuss when it comes to shopping for your little ones.

As parents our time is already limited and we can’t be in a million places at once, this is why we, Liv and Gab - two best friends and new mums, decided to set up Bobana Store. We were struggling to find unique and high quality pieces for our little one’s situated in one place. We would spend hours trawling the internet, pulling a range of items from different websites, spending way too much time and money on clothes that we weren't totally in love with. This is why we decided to take the plunge and take matters into our own hands. It has always been our dream to work alongside each other, doing something we are extremely passionate about and so Bobana Store was born. 

We seek to provide something a little different, after all each and every one of your little ones is a little different. We’ve hand selected our favourite pieces from some of the most unique brands around the world, to offer something outstanding. We aim to provide something for every age, gender and season - Bobana Store will always have something for you.

The vast majority of our pieces are gender neutral, breaking the mould on traditional ‘pink vs. blue’ when it comes to shopping for your little cool kids. We are striving to minimise the idea of 'disposable fashion' and we know how important it is for mums to be able to keep their favourite items to pass onto their next bubba's, so we decided to focus on pieces that can be worn by both little boys and girls alike.

We are also proud to offer a limited edition on all of our pieces, to ensure that your little cool kids stay fashion forward and are always standing out from the crowd.

Bobana Store is an a-seasonal brand as we appreciate the struggle of finding summer pieces for those exotic winter escapes or the need to track down a cosy sweat set during our British (rainy and cold) 'summers'. Seasons don't necessarily apply to our little ones as they are constantly growing and changing, which is why we have tried to ensure that you can find whatever you desire all year round.

Each parcel is packed with a lot of love and a little sparkle (not real glitter because who has time to tidy up a glitter explosion!) from our base in London. We aim to deliver quickly and efficiently, both nationally and internationally, because we know how hard it is to wait for something you love. 

Speaking of packaging...Bobana Store is all about our little people. As well as saving them from fashion faux pas, we are also doing our best to look after the planet they live in. Open your Bobana package without worrying about its environmental impact. Our custom paper stickers are sustainable, our tissue paper is eco-friendly and our Bio Poly Mailers are made from natural materials and are fully biodegradable. We believe that saving the planet starts with the little things and we are doing all we can to minimise waste and environmental impact.

We can’t wait to bring you along on our Bobana journey and help shape the style of your little cool kids. We hope you and your little one’s enjoy shopping and wearing our items just as much as we have enjoyed picking them.

We hope to see you again and again, 
Olivia & Gabriella 
P.s If you fancy uploading your little style icons in their new gear please do remember to tag us - @Bobanastore #bobanastore